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Why does Information Technology matter?

Information Technology thrills. No other industry is so much disruptive, no other industry produces one innovation after the other.

However, in many cases it is much easier to understand how a new Software, Platform or Methodolgy works - compared with the effort to identify how those technologies really can add value to the market (user/industry)...


The passion of Converge IT is it to build bridges between Technology and Value.


I'm personally a Software-Technology professional, today working in the medical device industry.

As a real technical geek, I was really astonished when I received the question "Why does it matter" by one of my former (and highly esteemed) Marketing Managers.
And this right after a successfull demonstration of my own developed integration between a Speech Recognition application and Google Calendar - just to show how you could manage your personal appointments and dates via the phone in Google.
Today I know that he was perfectly right. Technology doesn't mean anything (especially in B2B) if no value stands behind.
In order to deliver 'Value', you need to understand how 'Value' is defined, perceived and finally created.
This portal provides a bunch of collected materials to give you answers on the 'what', 'why' and 'how' - mainly dedicated to the Healthcare vertical.

See also my recent published thoughts on leadership and organizational impacts in the context of Digital Transformation.

Enjoy to rummage around on my sites and to find really good documentation - and to discover the fascinating challenge of 'Value Creation' !


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